Sunday, 30 December 2007

pull bend and squeeze


DIFFICULTY = Intermediate

If you like to hold out and last longer before ejaculation, here is a method that can help train your body to extend the period of time before orgasm.

This technique is helpful in learning how to control ejaculation. In fact, practice of techniques like this can help prevent premature ejaculation with practice over time.

With a well lubricated penis --
(1) Grip the base
(2) Pull the penis out firmly (yet comfortably) while bending slightly upward.
(3) When your forefingers reach the head, squeeze it just enough to cause it to go down a little bit.

Do not make pain for yourself. It should feel firm, yet not painful.

Blood pressure in the penis causes the erection. This method squeezes a little bit of blood out of the penis, which causes it to go slightly flaccid between strokes.

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Do you know that if you are a boy or teenager and wank and jerk off in a few minutes you probably will have problems with premature ejaculation when you make love to a woman.

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